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September 2009
What’s to Eat?  Entrées in Canadian Food History edited by Nathalie Cooke, Quill & Quire

Just three days after the Little Boy atomic bomb detonated over Hiroshima, the Americans readied to drop the second bomb over Kokura. Cloud cover diverted the B-29 to Nagasaki instead. Historians have argued over the efficacy of those decisions to end the war: Was it really the only way to avoid an estimated one million American deaths? Revisionists now counter that it was the Soviet declaration of war an hour before the bombing of Nagasaki that had the greater impact. For novelist Kamila Shamsie, another question is more significant: What makes a country think that one Hiroshima is not enough?

This is the quandary that pulses throughout Burnt Shadows, the fifth novel by the Pakistani-born writer and her first published in Canada, its reverberations echoing through the intergenerational story of two families, the continually displaced Weiss-Burtons and the Tanaka-Ashrafs, caught up in the tumult of history from the “New Bomb” to 9/11…

Print (1994-2005)

Ascent Magazine: 2005 The Dresser

Shift Magazine: 2002 EU Activist Database; 2001 Africam

Vancouver Sun: 2002 Bollywood

Globe & Mail: 2001 War and Peace; 1998 Fear of a Black Galaxy Star Wars; A Filmie’s Lament; White Bread Music for White-bread folks

This Magazine: 2000 George Soros

San Jose Mercury News: 1999 No Force for Diversity 1999 Paki-bashing in the age of subcontinental nukes (reprinted in Himal Magazine as We Were All Pakis Once)

Canadian Business (1995-99): Bali; Adventure Travel; Deux Cheveux; Can’t anybody here write code?; The Sky is Crashing! The Sky is Crashing! Yes, you can survive the Year 2000 hysteria; 2000 again; Be True to your School; Top 10, Performance 500; No ties, no taxes; The T-Rex of Trucks; Diagnosis for Dollars; Guess who’s getting rich off the Year 2000 problem?; Dark hair? It’s to dye forSound and the Fury; Coach House’s Secret Code; Open wide say – Ultra (feature); Bulls, Bears and Alpacas; CIPA Awards of Distinction; The lowdown on low rate plastic (reprinted in Reader’s Digest); Use it and lose it; The next Internet; My Research, your Development; An end to writer’s blockSuite Dreams; How to Grow and Prosper (feature); Parliament Hill 90210; Evil Dead II: The Distributors; Fish in Chips1995 MBA Guide

India Today: 1994 Toronto Film Festival: Spotlight on the India Scene

Radio (1994-2002: other than long form documentaries)

Appearances – Essays and Interviews
Asian vs. South Asian Heritage Month (Metro Morning); Madame Blavatsky (Richardson’s Round-up); The Artist’s Way (Tapestry) Rabindranath Tagore (Richardson’s Round-up); Money and Gossip (Morningside); Indian Film Industry (Later the Same Day)

Contributor and short form documentaries:
Newcomer response to Remembrance Day (Sounds Like Canada); Prayers for September 11th (Tapestry); Pandita Indira Rampersad (Tapestry); Dr. Bernie Siegel (Tapestry); Jane Jacobs (Ideas)

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