Recap: Covering Difficult Stories panel

SAJA Toronto has published a recap of the last week’s panel, Covering Difficult Stories about Minorities.  More than 50 people attended the event!

SAJA Toronto invited senior journalists from the city’s diverse newsrooms to share their views on writing stories that often dealt with ethnic minorities, and aired dirty laundry.

Freelance writer Mary Rogan spoke about choosing words carefully for her Toronto Life cover story on the murder of Aqsa Parvez, and the process of writing the story without having access to its main characters.

National Post senior reporter Stewart Bell spoke about reporting the facts while covering his beat – national security.

OMNI News – South Asian Edition anchor Angie Seth elaborated on how the community news show strives to achieve balance, while also fulfilling demands of reflecting Canada.

Midweek Toronto publisher Yudhvir Jaswal shared his views on the community’s responsibility to accept stories that are deemed ‘negative,’ rather than clamouring for more ‘positive’ stories.

CBC Radio producer Naheed Mustafa addressed issues such as the lack of diversity in the newsroom, leading some journalists of ethnic heritage to become de-facto experts on an ethnic/religious community.

One thought on “Recap: Covering Difficult Stories panel

  1. Holly says:

    I have a question for Naheed Mustafa; in her essay titled “MY BODY IS MY OWN BUSINESS” She wrote “The Qur’an teaches us that men and women are equal”.
    Naheed, would you please tell me which Quran are you reading? Because the Quran that I grew up reading does not say Men and Women are equal. Quran actually regards women as half of a man in her judgment, inheritance and in divorce.

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