Musharraf Ali Farooqi on Sir Salman Rushdie

Writer Musharraf Ali Farooqi has a new novel out called The Story of a Widow and he is the acclaimed translator of The Adventures of Amir Hamza.  This is what he has to say about Sir Salman:

Musharraf Ali Farooqi dislikes Salman Rushdie. Intensely. “I think he is boring and tedious,” says Farooqi of Rushdie’s prose. While he may not yet be a household name in Canada, Farooqi displays none of the false modesty of new writers who cower before their elders.

“I prefer good storytelling,” says Farooqi. “I’m tired of clever novels. Anybody can write clever novels.”

Read more in the November-December 2008 edition of Desi Life.

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